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The Teenage Witches – “Sabrina” and “Charm



Ch. Grinzing’s Un Jeune Premier

HIC  “Harrison” tawny dog  10/26/03

Harrison is named after my favorite movie star – his French name means “The star of the show”. He was born in Canada, bred by Christine Duval. His dam Am/Can Ch. Nuance du Manival is from France (bred by Genevieve Pisan), out of two Italian parents. His sire Paddy Paddington de Guerande, was bred by Veronique Maroux in Quebec – sired by a dog I co-own with Christine, Can Ch. Opus XCVIII del Bel Pastur Am/Can CD, an Italian import; and out of Can Ch. Lalou Ma Leila de Guerande, who was sired by a French import. I have always loved the del Bel Pastur (Marzio Santopietro and Franco Partingiani) family of dogs from Italy and Harrison is tightly linebred on this beautiful pedigree.

Harrison turned 3 years old recently. All of his health checks have been done.


 He was OFA Prelim Good at 21 months, OFA Fair (FB-1571F24M-PI) at 24 months, is PennHip Normal (.4 di), has OFA normal elbows, is CERF normal (eyes) 9/04 (BR-684/2004—10) & 9/06 – new number pending, is thyroid normal, is now CSNB normal 9/06, is cardiac normal 9/06 – OFA number pending, DNA Profile #V394807, and has earned his CHIC number.

Harrison had a successful puppy show career. He finished his championship from the puppy class, completely owner-handled. At the 2004 Rassemblement (French evaluation), he received an Excellent rating and was awarded a Puppy Select (one of the best puppies at the event).

He received a Rass Excellent at the 2006 Rass; although he has excellent coat quality, the length and color needed more time. 

Harry is an exceptional structured dog – with great angulation front and rear, a level topline, very harsh coat texture and good color, a good tail, black, black eyes and pigment and a handsome head. He is moderate height (almost 26”) but with good body and substance. His lovely movement is indicative of his correct structure, with good reach and drive and is both powerful and light on his feet. Most importantly, Harry is a sweet, Teddy Bear kind of fellow. He doesn’t know a stranger, loves all dogs and still plays hard like a baby puppy. Harrison sired three litters in 2005; five puppies from Ch NeOrageux’s Poco Loco; two from Classique Risque Business and eight from Classique Under My Spell. Eight of the puppies were Excellent and/or PreSelect and FOUR were Puppy Select – Jylanna, Lucille, Bailey and Pepper. His sons Jack and Marcel have finished their championships. Marcel has a Puppy Group First, three regular Group placements AND a Group First. Five other puppies are pointed and 13 total puppies are being shown. Harrison is showing a lot of promise as a sire – passing on his friendly, sweet, very stable temperament, his correct structure and movement and his exceptional eye color and pigment.

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The Teenage Witches – “Sabrina” and “Charm

Sire: Ch. Aladax’s Shape of My Heart  “True”

Dam: Ch. Mielleux’s Madison Ave Classique    “Madison”

 Why the “teenage witches”, you ask? Well, until recently, the litter sisters were teenagers (and they still act like one). And, maybe NOT a good idea, the girls were named after TV witches. Even though very well socialized and both with great temperaments, the witches are a living example of why you shouldn’t keep/have two puppies the same age. They have a language all their own. What one doesn’t think about doing bad, the other always does. The witches don’t look alike and don’t behave alike, but what a duo they are. And it’s hard to believe that they are Madison’s daughters – Madison was the easiest, sweetest, mellowest Briard on earth, outgrowing her naughtiness at a very young age. Hopefully both girls will take after Mom – SOON!!!!



Classique Under My Spell   “Sabrina”

 I really AM under her spell. Sabrina is the smart, high drive one of the pair. Clicker trained since a young age, she is a heeling fool, loves to work, will do anything for a cookie and must be part FLEA. She can jump anything, can open anything (like her dad True), has a huge English vocabulary, may be smarter than her owner and constantly switches from being the perfect angel to the perfect devil.

 Sabrina is a deep, clear orange tawny with jet black mask and ears (like her mama). She has a beautiful outline, with a long neck, perfect topline, correct body length and pretty angles. And her self confidence, intelligence and attitude will convince you she IS perfect, even though she isn’t, of course. Someday I will get good pictures of her (some say that I am photographically challenged) so everyone else can see how pretty she is. She will be finished and will then become my working girl – in Rally obedience and tracking. She’d probably rather be herding sheep (LOVES them) or doing agility, but her owner is getting toooo old for those sports.

My newest puppies are from Sabrina (bred to Harrison), born October 2005. Jack and Jyl live at Classique and both are constant reminders of their beloved grandmother Madison – same sweet, biddable temperaments; and the life of the party like Mom Sabrina. Marcel, Rocco, Augie RN, Velma, and Reggie will also be seen in the conformation and performance rings in upcoming years. 

Aladax’s Classique Utmost Charm  “Charm”



Charm is the calm, quiet one of the witches, although joins in many of her sister’s mischievous moments. She is extremely sweet and cuddly, would like you to think that she isn’t very smart, can find a crumb anywhere and anytime, and looks much more like her grandmother Tille (Ch. Petiller Joie de Bejaune). After a litter of puppies, Charm will be finished, but unless sleeping on beds or stealing food from her housemates (and off the kitchen counter) is a dog sport, Charm will probably not get any titles at the end of her name.


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Ch. Classique As Good As It Gets HIC   “Jack”  tawny dog  10/24/05


Sire: Ch Grinzing’s Un Jeune Premier HIC   Dam: Classique Under My Spell HIC

Jack is the current “love of my life” – everyone knows how much I LOVE boy Briards and Jack is everything I love about the Briard – sweet, handsome and fun!! He has a few bad habits like opening gates, jumping 6’ fences and eating telephone cords, costing me a lot of money to replace cords and electrifying all the fencing, but I spend most of my time smiling and cuddling with him anyway.


Jack earned both majors and 13 points by the age of 9 1/2 months and  finished recently (after his owner AND the AKC miscounted his points and we thought he was finished months ago). He earned his HIC at the National, placed in all of classes and was rated Excellent at the Rass.


Too happy movement prevented a Pre-Select, but the M. de Brouwer had a lot of wonderful things to say about him anyway.

 Jack is a more extreme/fancier dog than his father (Harrison) – taller, leggier, better showdog. He has a beautiful head with length, strength, high ears, and his father’s beautiful black eyes and pigment. He has wonderful coat quality and color and  is well angulated and has beautiful movement, when he isn’t bouncing around having a good time.


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Classique As Time Goes By HIC  Jylanna” (Jyl)  tawny bitch 10/24/05

 Sire: Ch Grinzing’s Un Jeune Premier HIC   Dam: Classique Under My Spell HIC

Jack’s sister Jyl is the reserve winners “queen” here, but is now back in the show ring, “turning heads” of the judges and other exhibitors, so should finish soon. She is the spitting image of her grandmother Madison with the intelligence and drive of Mom Sabrina.  

Jyl was Excellent/Puppy Select at this year’s Rass.

Classique Angelino Jolie  “Jolie”  tawny bitch 1/27/05

Sire: Ch Grinzing’s Un Jeune Premier HIC    Dam: Classique Risqué Business

 The pretty Jolie has returned to Classique to live. After growing back her shaved down coat, she will be shown. Although much smaller and feminine, Jolie is a constant reminder of her mom Risque,

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in 2009 Marcel

Got a first Briard in 14 years title of a Tracking Dog



Ch. Classique Allez Jaune Maillot RN, PT, TD


Owner Burke Morrow  Breeder: Classique Briards
Sire: Ch. Grinzing's Un Jeune Premier HIC  "Harrison"

Dam: Classique Under My Spell HIC  "Sabrina"


 Copyright 2007. Olga Shulman at Briard Breeder. All rights preserved.