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Sidney, Nebraska - is the home of Merry Jeanne and Tommy Millner and Sendero Briards.


My love of animals runs deep, Tommy was “brought along for the ride, and what a ride it has been”. I grew up in a “horsey family” showing American Saddle Bred. Showing horses was a family tradition and a personal passion. My American Saddle horse, Sultan's Symbol, was the love of my young life.  He took me to two Junior Exhibitor World Championships. I skipped my prom to be with him, he was cuter than any of the “human” boys. When I was 24 he died in my arms at the age of 21.  Sultan’s passing broke my heart, as he had played such an important part in my life. Who knew that a  few years later, a healing touch would come in the form of a “French Sheepdog,  named Churchill.

Like so many who are hooked on Briards, Tommy and I fell into them through what can only be called ‘dumb luck’. In 1986 we saw a newspaper ad for a French Sheepdog, We went to see just what a French sheepdog was. We came home with one of these French sheepdogs, and yes he was a Briard, which we promptly named Churchill. We fell madly in love with this shaggy boy. Although he was poorly bred and physically unhealthy, his heart was pure Briard.

Our love affair with the breed began. Churchill had great spirit and a deep desire to please us. Despite his many health problems, he lived to ten and a half, and we miss him even today. He taught us a lot about the dog world. With him, we learned about Obedience, Agility, and the AKC.

Because of my background in showing horses, I knew I wanted to show a Briard. My dreams were realized when a puppy named Gilli came to live with us.   I made my debut in the dog show ring with Gilli at my side, and she attained the title of AKC Champion, we were hooked. Gilli was our introduction to the conformation ring and ultimately became our foundation bitch.  Gilli gave birth to the first Sendero litter in 1995. In her one and only litter,

Gilli produced multiple American and Canadian champions. Two of her daughters Remington and Lilly went on to be AKC Best in Show winners, and Specialty winners. Gilli lived her life as the Queen of Sendero, her children never questioned her authority. She was the undisputed Queen. Gilli passed in 2004, in our arms. Gill is still with us thru her children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren.  They are still winning in the show ring, and enriching our lives in our home, and hearts.

Like most breeders, we are still learning, and making new friends in the breed. Now these friends are global, and we are lucky enough to know Briards and their owners all over the world. Through our breeding, we have produced many champions, and cherished companions.

We share our home with Briards we have bred, and those we have selected from other breeders  from all over the world to continue to improve the breed. The Briards are the center of our lives.

Tommy and I are active in the AKC, as delegates.  Tommy is a Board Member of the Canine Health Foundation and Take the Lead. We are both active in the Briard Club of America, and travel many miles each year showing our Briards, learning more about the breed, and sharing what we have learned with those who are just discovering this marvelous breed.  

We owe it all to a shaggy boy named Churchill....

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