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My name is Kathy Lanam of Classique Briards. I live in Negley, Ohio, a very small village west of Pittsburgh, PA.

I lived in Cincinnati for many years, teaching at the Zoo there. After retiring, I then lived in Columbus for 5 years before moving to Eastern Ohio. I now live on 27 wooded acres at the top of a mountain (large hill?) next door to my mother and stepfather and 15 miles from my father.

I bred and showed Standard Poodles for many years and have also owned a Golden Retriever, an Ibizan Hound, a Rough Collie and four Wirehaired Dachshunds. I bought my first Briard in 1985, fell in love with the breed and have been very active with them ever since. All of my dogs are house dogs and many of my co-owned dogs live with others so that all can be the “pampered pets” that they deserve to be.

For several years I trained and trialed my dogs in agility, herding and obedience. Ch. Classique Goodfellow HCTs,d JHD,d,s HTDIs HIC CGC TT “Fellow” was my first homebred Briard champion and my first herding dog. He was High in Trial at the 1993 National Specialty Herding Trial (All Breed).  I have trained several other herding dogs, including Sarek and Juste..

Sarek and his daughter Juste were my agility stars. Sarek earned over 10 agility titles between 6 years and 11 1/2 years of age, retiring only because of cancer surgery. He also earned his HT and HCT herding titles at the age of 10 1/2. In addition, he had an AKC and UKC CD, legs toward his CKC CD and AKC and UKC CDX and legs toward 10 other agility titles. Juste earned just one  agility title, a UKC AgI, although trained through excellent level – mainly because she was much faster than her old, non-athletic handler. Juste also earned her AKC HT and PT and her AHBA HCT and JHD titles in herding. Unfortunately, Juste was a natural C Course (boundary/tending) Briard and there is no C Course herding in the Midwest. Both Sarek and Juste were training in tracking; in fact, Sarek had just successfully run a 300+ yard TD track  (for AKC certification to enter tracking trials) the day he passed away at almost 13 years old.

Since moving to eastern Ohio, I have been more involved in breeding and in dog club activities than in performance events, although I am currently training Jylanna and my Dachshund, Flip, in Agility (I can ALMOSt keep up with that short little dynamo) and am teaching an Advanced Obedience class (Open and Utility). 

I have become increasingly active in the Briard Club of America, serving on the Board of Directors for 4 years, chairing the 2001 National Specialty, superintending the 2002 National Specialty, and serving on several other committees, including Breed Education, Specialty Coordination, Awards, HOF and several others.

I am also a member of several other clubs and also enjoy ring stewarding and judging. I am now an AKC approved Briard and Junior Showmanship Judge and will be applying to judge other herding breeds in the future. I have been honored with judging the 2007 BCA National Specialty Puppy and Veteran Sweepstakes. In my spare time (??), I also enjoy writing about dogs. I was awarded a Maxwell medal from the American Dog Writers Association and nominated for another. I have had articles published in several dog magazines, including those in 9 foreign countries. Several of my articles will be appearing on this website.

I have bred fourteen litters of Briards. Several of these puppies have gone on to be winners in Conformation and Performance events, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, the majority of them have become valued family members. I pride myself on breeding healthy, good tempered Briards and provide a written contract with all guarantees. I am well known for the continued contact and help I give to puppy owners- not only to my own puppies, but to many other Briarders needing help. I follow the Briard Club of America code of ethics and the code of ethics for this website.

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