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Dior Briards
Pictures from a show Briards at play
Briards at play

Recent Show Pictures
Note from Jackie...

"This past weekend we had three of the girls from Higgins' first litter together and got some pictures of the "reunion" ....

Kitty and Jezelle were entered in the show, but Brulee wasn't, so we just took a few fun/casual pictures of Brulee with her sisters.

It was Penny Morris' girl, "Jezelle's" first show ever and she did very well and was RWB on Saturday!

Jan West's girl, Kitty, showed beautifully all weekend and on Sunday went WB and got her first 2 points! "



More Garth show pictures
Old Show Pictures

Briardale Cooked Up Something Suite


Jackie and Brulee earning points....

Deanna helps Savannah show her teeth to the judge....

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Byron having fun....


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Rae showing off with Christy......

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