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Something Suite from Briardale



Ch Ne Orageux’s VIP Suite  

 Gucci is our “dream come true” Briard! 

Gucci is the second dog I (Jackie) had ever handled in the conformation ring, and at Gucci’s first show at 6 months and two weeks of age he won back to back majors!!  (This was something a novice handler like me dreamed of, and it happened!!)  My husband, Frank, made his handling debut in the conformation ring by showing 7 month old Gucci at Gucci’s second show. 

Much to our delight, Gucci went Best of Breed over 4 specials for his third major!  (Needless to say, Frank was instantly hooked as a handler!) Gucci easily finished his championship (owner handled) and at 15 months of age Gucci was awarded his first Herding Group Placement when he entered the BOB ring for the first time as a Special pro handled by Sue Shore!!  




Sue continued to handle Gucci for us in 2006 whenever our schedules meshed (we drove Gucci to shows where Sue could meet us so Gucci could continue to live with us full time), and even with such limited showing Gucci had great success and ranked in the top ten Breed and All Breed in 2006!! 

Gucci is a beautiful Briard and is an absolute joy to live with!  Although he can be somewhat “reserved” with strangers, he warms up to new people in a matter of minutes and soon has folks in stitches laughing at his class clown antics.  To know Gucci is to love him!!!

Gucci sired his first litter in early 2007 and has since been a stay at home “Dad” to not risk bringing home any outside “germs” to his new babes.  We are thrilled with the litter and with Gucci’s potential as a sire!   

Gucci was bred by Becca Weber and Pam Ohlsson and he is co-owned by Becca.     


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Ch Ne Orageux’s Tout de Suite 




Pronto is a wonderful girl!!   She adores all people and demands to be the center of attention!!!   She was our first show Briard and I take great pride in the fact that she was “rookie” owner handled (by me!) to her AKC championship (with the exception of 2 points earned when handled by a friend when I had knee surgery).  Pronto was awarded the esteemed Rass SELECT at the 2006 National Specialty which was our first ever Briard National Specialty!!   Pronto is a very well balanced Briard bitch and also has a wonderful coat.  She whelped her first litter this past January (2007) and proved to be an excellent mother to an excellent litter!



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Ch. Suite Car Named Desire     


Jag is 13 weeks old as I write this and is the pup Frank and I chose to keep from the Pronto – Gucci January 2007 litter.  Frank and I had every intention of keeping a female for ourselves, but Jag was determined from day one to change our minds!!  Jag caught my eye the moment he was born and when I described him to Becca over the phone (she had to walk me through whelping over the phone rather than in person because she was stuck at home in the middle of a blizzard!) she predicted right then that he would be our keeper!  I said, no way, we already had a boy!!  But, low and behold, in the weeks to follow Frank and I found we just couldn’t take our eyes off this boy … so Jag stayed, and Becca was right, AGAIN!!   Besides being an eye-catcher, Jag has a wonderful fun-loving personality and we look forward to some great times with this guy!!! 

Jag turned three on 1/15/10 and will be specialed on a limited basis in 2010!! He is OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Patellas Normal, and CSNB clear by pedigree. He is the sire of Marquise, who we had all kinds of fun (and success) showing in 2009! We plan to breed Jag to Brulee this spring (2010)!!  Inquiries welcome!!!



a 2009 Group 4 win with











Another 2009 group placement blitz by


9 month old Marquise (Jag's daughter) went BOB from the classes both days over 2 Champions and then went on to take back to back Group Placements!   A Group 3 on a Saturday and a Group 2 on a Sunday!  (And she also took a Group 3 in Bred by Exhibitor competition on Saturday).



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Suite Country Crooner 

Garth is the other male from the Pronto – Gucci litter, and he, too, is quite an eye catcher!!  Our daughter, Alyssa, a resident in small animal internal medicine, has always been a “cat” person but was swayed to Briards when Gucci came into our lives.  When she hinted she was ready for her own Briard and would love to be owned by a Gucci son, we knew she and Garth were a perfect match!  Garth is a beautiful puppy and a delightful and outgoing boy.  Frank and I plan to show Garth unless we can convince Alyssa how much fun handling your own dog is and she somehow finds the time to experience the show scene for herself!! 



Something Suite from Briardale


CH Briardale Cooked Up Something Suite

Call name:  (Crème) Brulee

 Brulee indeed lives up to the five-star-standard for her call name - the perfect balance of crunch and cream!!  Brulee is intensely loyal and yet is happy to meet and greet new faces (human and canine); she is physically well-balanced and structurally solid-as-a-rock and yet somehow retains beautiful femininity. 

 Brulee has the same exuberant approach to life as her sire, “Higgins Bohemia Elite” (aka Higgins), and just like her daddy, Ms Brulee has been turning heads and winning hearts everywhere she goes!  Brulee shows promise to have the same luxurious, beautifully deep tawny adult coat as her sire which would be the icing on the cake (or would that be Crème on the Brulee?)!!  

Brulee is currently seven months old (Feb 08) and has started her show career with a bang.  At her most recent show, Brulee went Winner’s Bitch, Best of Winners, and Best of Opposite on both Saturday and Sunday and on Saturday was Best of Breed Puppy and went on to a Group 4 in the Puppy Herding Group!!  (And this was with me (Jackie) handling her, not a professional handler!!)

Frank and I have fallen head-over-heels for Brulee and feel tremendously privileged that Liz and Rick have blessed us with this extraordinary girl!!

 Brulee … the perfect balance of crunch and crème … the perfect recipe for the promise of things to come ….


2009 Group 3 win for





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