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BISS Ch Briardale USS Boston Terroir

2004 Rass Select
OFA Hips Good, OFA Elbows Normal, OFA Patellas Normal, CERF 2006, CSNB Normal, CHIC

Boston…what can we say about Boston….  Boston came from a litter that some feel should have never been.  Others, knowing the history, know this was a litter born from faith and love.  Boston, like his father, was born into my hands; both were puppies that filled the eye immediately.  But I get ahead of myself; I will start at the beginning.

All our Briardale kids are very special to us and they all have their own special stories and backgrounds. But one story stands out from the rest by sheer fairytale quality of it. To tell you about Boston, I would first have to tell you about his father Henry and a relationship that expanded the borders of my Briardale. Read his story first. You will find it on the pages of Briardale in Massachusetts or in this link: The Story of Henry  (by Liz Kenitz)

Boston is a boy that pulls everyone in.  He is sweet, biddable, gentle, kind soul.  He loves everyone and approaches life with a peaceful demeanor.  He is a joy to live with!  At the tender age of 17 months he received an AOM at the 2004 National.  He is the youngest Briard, we believe, to ever receive an AOM from the BOB class.  In 2005 he won the National and in 2006 he took another AOM.  He is a Rassemblement Select 2004 and has already produced a Rass Select puppy, the only one in 2006 to be evaluated.

His daughter Margo recently finished her American Championship in just 3 show weekends. She won 12 consecutive show days in 3 different states. We look forward to the future…

Steady as you go, USS BOSTON!

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Ch. Sheba Bellefleur de Lindeau,

CHIC, Rass Select 2004

OFA Hips Good, Elbows, Patellas Normal, CERF, Thyroid Normal, CSNB Clear

Ode to Ungaro de Lindeau X Jezelle de Lindeau

Bred by: Diane Stephens, Linda Wells and Rob Ferber

Sheba came to us when Rob Ferber (Lindeau Briards) passed away.  When Rick and Sheba met the love affair began.  Sheba has been from that day forward “Rick’s girl”. Linda Wells (Robs wife and the other half of Lindeau) could not deny Rick this tawny girl, as it was plain for all to see they were already a “couple” Sheba is  to this day still a daddy's girl.  She willing will abandon me whenever Rick appears. Showing was not her favorite activity, but she did it for Rick. They were both glad to be done with it! The highlight of Sheba's day now is when Rick comes home, and they cruise the property together, stopping to drink a glass of wine and watch the sunset.  She greets those that she loves by weaving in and out of their legs, kind of like a very big kitty.  Sheba was born to be a Social Director. She shows all the new kids the property.  She brings them toys, encourages them to take a dip in the pond. She is sweet, kind, and just wants everyone around her to be happy. She has an incredible herding instinct, and will run the pads right off her feet.  It’s a very exciting day for her when the farmer brings the cattle to pasture next door.  She herds them from the other side of the fence, with a big grin on her face.  She’s a wonderful girl and we thank her breeders for allowing her to come into our lives.  She is a much loved addition to the Briardale family. 





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Ch Briardales Northstar Milenia

Owner:  Liz and Rick Kenitz

Breeder : Jan and Richard West

Sire:   BIS, BISS Mex, Am, PR, World, Inter Ch Fracasse de Lindeau, HOF, ROM, HIC, TT, CGC

Dam:  Ch Bigtree Belam Grandpa’s Girl


Milenia, is our Shaka daughter.  She is a Mexican champion, an AKC champion, a Rassemblement Pre-Select (absent from Selection).  She has her CGC, and Temperament Test certification.  Milenia, is a top of the standard kind of girl.  She is extremely powerful, has wonderful coat texture, a head that most males would envy. She has a sweet loving temperament.  Her idea of a wonderful day is outside running our acreage. She is the “leader” of the pack here at Briardale.

Milenia is an OFA fair, elbows, and patellas clear, CSNB Clear, thyroid clear, VWD normal. 


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Annabella Blonde De La Tour Saint Genin

Winner Female of the Baby-Show at the 2006 French Nationale


This little girl came to us from France just this year and her Briardale story is still being written. All we can say for now is that she is a spectacular Briard with a very bright future.

Her temperament, her mind and her beauty are something we keep mentally thanking her breeder Annie Tabutaud every day for. We are proud to add her to our Briardale family and we are deeply grateful to Annie for entrusting us with this special girl.




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Ch Briardales Ticket To Ride

OfA good, csnb clear, thyroid normal, eyes clear

Token is a Milenia and Pride daughter.  Like her mother she is a powerful girl. She is lighning fast and can run all day.  She will often run the hill and bark at…well we don’t really know what she is barking at.  I think she just likes the sound of her own voice,  Thank goodness we live in the country, and have no close neighbors for her to disturb.  She has a love of all people.  When she approaches people, her ears lay back and she wiggles, with delight.  As a puppy we assumed this was just puppy behavior and that she would outgrow it.  Well to this day she still lays her ears back and wiggles.  She finished her championship and had a brief stint in the Specials category.  Needless to say her specials career was very short as judges do not appreciate a girl who is wiggling her whole body and laying her ears back.  So much to her mothers delight Token came home.  Milenia and Token are inseparable, When Token came home from her brief stint as a “show dog” Milenia met her in the field on hind legs, they crashed together and rolled thru the grass with wild abandonment.   We will never separate them again.  They always keep each other in sight, and usually sleep with Tokens head cradled on Milenia. 

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Ch Higgins Bohemia Elite

2006 Rass Select

Higgins came to us from Alena Kotrcova,  Bohemia Elite.  This boy has been winning hearts since he landed in the USA.  He stayed for several weeks in the Boston area with Olga.  I had to fly there to claim him, they were so in love, I was afraid to I wasn’t going to be able to pry him away. 

This boy has an exuberant way of approaching life.  There are no strangers, only friends he has yet to meet.  He has grown to be a young male filled with great promise.  His character is wonderful although at times I would like to find a way to convince him that leaping thru the air at  people and kissing all he meets is not exactly polite.  He takes nothing personal, and wants to play and greet all comers, sometimes I wish he would take things personally. 

He has 3 majors and will finish his American Championship easily.  We will hold him back for a while and let him settle down before he ventures back into the show ring. 



Christy Collins has bravely handled this judge kissing boy from his first time in a ring.  When she met him she begged to take him thru  the BCA  Rass, I first said no as he had never been in a ring, and frankly  he was bound and determined to meet and greet everyone.  She asked again, and I said “OK, hold on tight and be prepared”!  Well  the little guy walked in and went “puppy preselect”….the next day Christy being the brave soul she is, took him in for the second time where he went puppy select.  He has been turning heads ever since.  He’s all boy, with a gleam in his eye, and a presence that is not often seen in a boy so young.  Higgins is an OFA prelim good, CSNB clear, eyes clear (cerf pending)     


go to for his pedigree and pictures of his littermates and a link to his breeder.   

Higgins…with parents like these, how could he be anything but beautiful!


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Jewel Nadina Sis

Aka “Spider”

 Interchampion  BEAD-LILAC Nadina-sis is her mother and  her father is Interchampion  ALFIO Arte Cassar and was bred by Naďa Střalková of Nadina Sis.  She has a a pedigree that is recognized world wide.  She is strikingly beautiful, graceful typey girl.  Jewel is our live wire. She does everything in a hurry.  She is lightning fast and as smart as they come.  She is dominant and would really prefer to be acknowled as „Queen of the World“.

 Jewel has shown incredible herding instinct.  When she was tested at about 7 months she flew around the ring.  The testers remarked to Rick that she was going to be „fun“ to catch.  Rick leaned down and called her, she immediately stopped in mid „flight“ turned around and came immediately.  Rick was one proud guy. 

Jewel has been shown on a very limited basis as her ears do not stand properly.  When I was asked if I liked a long crop my reply was yes...long is a relative term...lesson learned on my part.  So some days Jewels ears are up, most days they are down.  We kept them glued up 2 ½ years, and we have now realized that her ears will be what they will be. 


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